“I wish I could be a travel blogger…”

I love travel blogs – I could read them all day. People who are courageous enough to quit their job, sell their car, and leave everything behind to travel full-time inspire me. I’ll often stare out the window and imagine living that dream, and I won’t lie; it sounds good.

But for most of us (myself included) that dream is not practical. I have a wife and two kids, a bit of stuff, family, friends, and student loans…plenty of things that I can’t leave behind.

Still, I would like to travel the world; I’d like to leave the 50-hour work week behind; I’d like to spend time in beautiful places that inspire me. Are those things unattainable, simply because I have ties here at home that I don’t want to break?

If you feel at all like me, then this blog is for you.

Keep in mind that while you’re fantasizing about internet cafes in Bangkok and hostels in Peru, also know that isn’t the entire story. If you read closely enough (and some bloggers are even upfront about it) you’ll see cracks in the Instagram facade: traveling 12 months a year is exhausting; unless you have a trust fund or run one of the top 50 travel blogs, money will often be a source of stress; in addition, you can actually become pretty lonely on the road. In short, the lifestyle can wear you down over time.

Is the door closing on the travel blogger lifestyle? Or is there an even better way out there?

What if you could see the world without severing ties at home; find fulfilling work that pays for your lifestyle without chaining you to an office job or a boss; and

I’ll tell you about my journey: In 2015 I left a stressful corporate job behind, bought a small franchise, and relocated from Seattle to St. George Utah to run a local magazine. St. George is similar to Boulder, Colorado in some ways – it has stunning outdoor scenery, nearly everyone is a world-class athlete, and there are virtually no corporate jobs: if you want to live here, you have to make your own way. It’s a city of nomads, digital and otherwise.

Over the next several months I’ll be relating my journey, the things I’ve picked up, and I’ll be interviewing other hometown nomads – people who live in a place they love, have rewarding, flexible work that supports their lifestyle, including as much travel as they want. I hope you’ll find this lifestyle is very doable. There’s room for you here.

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